Guide de la Revue des Vins de France
For the 2010 vintage, the three blends, Clémence, Florès and Nuance, offer tight, slightly saline examples of Sauvignon Blanc; the most complex is Nuance, which is round, rich and spicy this year. Among the single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc cuvées, Petit Chemarin expresses real tension with taut citrus notes while Grand Chemarin, as usual, shows depth and smoothness from its marl terroir and a fabulously stylish finish.
Welcome to Sauvignon Blanc paradise! As for the Pinot Noir with its generous, crisp fruitiness, the estate’s number one cuvée is bound to be the best entry-level red Sancerre for the 2010 vintage. Charlouise 2009 should mellow over the next two years though it is already very drinkable. We will also have to wait patiently for the Vendange Entière with its very pronounced dark chocolate and menthol aromas and extremely dense, mouth-coating tannins. It should develop jammier notes than the 2008 vintage. The Pinard family was awarded a second star last year for the overall consistently high quality of their wines.

« Le Grand Guide Des Vins de France 2010 » Bettane et Desseauve:
The red wine specialists, Vincent Pinard along with his sons Florent and Clément really done a good job of honing the style of their whites and the estate now really has something to show as far as the whites are concerned.

Chêne Marchand 2008: 16/20
Charlouise 2008: 17/20
Nuance 2007: 15/20
Florès 2008: 16/20
Petit Chemarin 2007: 17/20
Vendanges Entières 2008: 17.5/20
Vendanges Entières 2006: 18/20

« Les meilleurs vins de Fance 2010 » Guide de la Revue du vin de France:
Domaine Vincent Pinard *

Vincent and Cosette’s sons, Florent, the eldest, and Clément, are now working alongside their parents in the best interest of the estate and Sancerre. This estate, which has been turning out high-quality wines for the last 15 years, has made the most impressive progress out of all of the Centre region’s wineries in the space of five years. Their reputation as red wine specialists is confirmed with their Vendanges Entières cuvée which boasts splendid freshness and authenticity. Fully or partially aged in barrels, the Nuance and Harmonie whites both feature good balance and perfect ripeness of the grapes.
The Florès cuvée, which is bolder, represents the upper mid-range for the appellation. Two cuvées from Bué’s terroirs were added to the range in 2007: Petit Chemarin and Chêne Marchand. This estate is definitely headed for its second star.

The wines: for an entry-level 2008, we prefer the streamlined and tight Florès to the Clémence cuvée, which is rounder but a little heavy on the finish. Higher up in the range, the wines acquire length and depth beginning with Nuance, which is well-balanced and more open than Harmonie, which still needs another two years for the oak to soften. Of the two single-vineyard cuvées, Petit Chemarin stands out for its perfect density, length and minerality. This is a truly great Sauvignon Blanc that is not to be missed. For the 2008 reds, before malolactic fermentations were complete, the quality was already excellent: very ripe with soft tannins for the basic cuvée, and the Vendanges Entières features Sancerre Pinot Noir at its best as far as body and precision are concerned. Admirable.

Petit Chemarin 2008: 17.5
Chêne Marchand 2008: 16.5
Harmonie 2007: 15.5
Nuance 2008: 15
Florès 2008: 14.5
Clémence 2008: 14
Vendanges Entières 2008: 18.5
Charlouise 2007: 16.5
Pinot Noir 2008: 15

La Revue du Vin de France Spécial millésime 2007:
Domaine Vincent Pinard is our pick in Sancerre where the growers were desperately hoping to see their Pinot Noir grapes reach full maturity. But in fact, everything depended on upstream, year-round work in the vineyards, the limiting of yields, sorting to remove hail-damaged grapes, and the final selection when the grapes were ripe. Vincent and Cosette Pinard, who are now joined by their sons, Clément and Florent, impressed us with their Domaine cuvée that is just bursting with fruit and boasts delicate tannins and with their deep, round, fresh Charlouise cuvée.

La Revue du Vin de France Spécial millésime 2008
Red wines rated between 18 and 20 out of 20: Domaine Vincent Pinard, Sancerre Vendanges Entières: Very big and fresh, almost Rhone Valley-like in its aromas. Fresh cherry on the palate with firm yet noble tannins. It will acquire complexity over time. The Charlouise is plus rounder and fuller with lovely elegance on the finish.
White wines rated between 18 and 20 out of 20:Domaine Vincent Pinard Sancerre Chêne Marchand and Petit Chemarin: Lots of substance, freshness and purity for the Chêne, while the Chemarin is more closed but shows immense potential.
White wines rated between 15.5 and 17.5 out of 20: Sancerre Harmonie: Well-integrated oak that has developed pleasantly over the years. A dense, tight wine with very good ageing potential.

La Revue du Vin de France Avril 2010
Tasting “Alsace, Jura, Loire... The other great Pinot Noirs”
LoireValley: 18/20 Domaine Vincent Pinard Sancerre Vendanges Entières 2006: This is a wine that is not lacking in tannins. It is vigorous, rustic and suave all at the same time. As for aromas, we are looking at kirsch, sour cherry and smoke. This is a long, complex, flavourful Sancerre. A considerable accomplishment for this vintage.
16.5/20: Sancerre Charlouise: This intense red wine features a great deal of freshness and fruit. Its substance appeals right from the attack and lingers on the palate. Still rather closed (it was tasted before bottling), it needs to open up, but what pure expression and what fantastic precision on the finish! This wine confirms the immense success of this vintage

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