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The estate now offers three “Terroir” cuvées
In 2010, we vinified another cru from the village of Bué - Grand Chemarin – separately for the first time. This vineyard is located halfway up the south-facing slope where the soil contains a high proportion of limestone. Its vines were planted in 1971 and 1961. This wine was aged in both “demi-muids” (600-litre) and two-year-old barrels. Quantities are limited to less than one thousand bottles. Petit Chemarin, Grand Chemarin and Chêne Marchand 2010 have been bottled (available in magnums too!).

The 2011 vintage
The spring of 2011 was hot and the vines grew extremely fast. There was considerable rainfall in July and August which resulted in rot. For these reasons, we harvested the grapes early, beginning on 1st September. An early harvest is an indicator of excellent maturity. As far as the growers can remember, we had not harvested this early since 1976 (a legendary vintage). Our primary objective was to finish picking quickly in order to preserve the grapes’ freshness. Thanks to handpicking and careful sorting, we brought in high quality, perfectly healthy grapes. The 2011s show good balance, lovely elegance and a great deal of finesse which is what we like to see.

25-31 March 2010:
Rosé wine 2009, and a fraction of the Florès and Clémence 2009 cuvées are bottled.

Wednesday 7 April 2010:
The Harmonie 2008 cuvée is bottled after ageing 12 months in barrels and wooden vats, and 7 months in tank (blend).

Friday 23 April 2010:
Tasting for a good opportunity for the Web site lovers to taste the whole range in 2008, as well as the Harmonie cuvée in 2002 and 1996.

Saturday 24 April 2010:
Tasting of the estate's wines at the Caves Bossetti in Paris (+ Harmonie 1995 in magnum).

Wednesday 28 April 2010:
We start disbudding. We suppress any surplus vine shoots to reduce the yields and aerate vegetation.

Tuesday 11 May:
Blending of the Nuance cuvée 2009; after tasting all the barrels, we estimated that ageing was completed. Nuance is made for 1/3 in barrels and 2/3 in tank.

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